What is SureYield

Grow your wealth effortlessly with SureYield's next-generation yield farming. Start earning USDC today!

Yield Farming Made Easy

SureYield simplifies yield farming. Our AI-managed protocol handles all the complex tasks including automating complex strategies, empowering you to focus on earning USDC. Gone are the days of choosing pools and manually managing positions!

Simplify your yield farming experience.

Deposit USDC and let the SureYield Proprietary AI-Managed Protocol maximize your returns. Enjoy flexibility to compound or withdraw earned fees. When ready, withdraw your initial investment and accumulated profits in USDC. Read more on how SureYield generates the fees!

Our powerful AI-managed protocol does the heavy lifting:

  • Strategically places liquidity in top-tier UNISWAP v3 concentrated pools.

  • Uses an advanced server-side Reinforcement Learning (RL) decision-making model to optimize your positions.

  • Automatically rebalances the range of the liquidity position for maximum efficiency through integration with Gelato Network.

  • Tracks user participation in the Reward program.

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