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This guide outlines the advantages of partnering with SureYield.

SureYield is always on the lookout for new potential Partners. We believe that partnerships play a very important role in building utility, trust and awareness in this very volatile and changing environment. This is where projects can capitalize on each other's strengths to make sure they mutually benefit from collaborating together.

Benefits for partnering with SureYield :

Get rewards, engagement and visibility through our Monthly Rewards Program: Each month, users have the chance to win big from a prize pool fueled by 5% of all fees generated from SureYield’s concentrated liquidity positions. Every user receives tickets every time they contribute to the SureYield Ecosystem by depositing USDC onto the platform or when someone uses their referral link. When claiming their tickets, users will have to choose a partner project to support. That project will receive an additional bonus of 1% in ticket value thus increasing their odds of winning the draw. In other words, this will bring visibility to your project among our active users on our platform! This offers an excellent opportunity for SureYield to foster regular engagement with your project.

Co-Marketing Opportunities : Collaborating with SureYield opens the door to a variety of co-marketing endeavors. These can range from joint announcements and featured posts on social media platforms like Twitter and Medium, to in-depth articles that highlight the strategic partnership and its benefits to both communities.

Visibility : As a new Partner your logo will be displayed on our website giving you permanent visibility on our Ecosystem. This would give users coming in everyday the opportunity to learn more about your project.

Networking : Partnering with us will also be a chance for us to leverage each other’s contacts which could lead to further marketing/strategic developments.

Treasury/Liquidity enhancement : Your project can also leverage the SureYield AI managed Liquidity Protocol to strengthen your liquidity/treasury. This is where your project could allocate some funds and leverage the SureYield technology to increase your financial stability.

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