How-To Guide on Yield Farming through the SureYield APP

Step by step How-To Guide on Yield Farming through the SureYield APP

SureYield APP:

Chain Selector

Effortlessly switch between SureYield supported chains using the chain selector on the right side of the UI.

My Portfolio

The interface displays your current portfolio with the Deposit value as well as your current Fees Earned. You have the option to either withdraw the earned fees or compound them back into your deposit.

Your current deposit value reflects the amount you've invested in the yield farming pool, adjusted for any impermanent loss incurred.

Fees get accrued in real time and get reflected in your account every time the liquidity positions rebalance (~100 times/day). The fees are being accrued as USDC and you can withdraw anytime.

The Fees Earned represent USDC available for withdraw earned from fees generated through the concentrated liquidity positions in Uniswap V3 pools.

AI-Managed Yield Farming Pools

The list of yield farming pools display:

-Deposit Token (ex: USDC) column represents the token you need to deposit into the yield farming pool

-Your Deposit column displays your current deposit value (adjusted for any impermanent loss incurred)

-Total Deposit column displays the SureYield's total deposited amount into the pool

-TVL column displays the total value locked into that pool

-APR column displays the average annual percentage rate of return on deposited USDC assets over the last 7 days.

Yield Farming Pool Information

Upon selecting a pool you are presented with the pool information below:

AI Strategy displays the current DEX & Pair where the USDC is being invested and managed as concentrated liquidity positions by SureYield AI.

Your Deposit

If you have already deposited into the pool you will see your deposit information box with an Withdraw button.

SureYield has no lock-in period besides an initial 24 hours safety period. You can withdraw at any time after the 24 hours have passed.


Clicking the withdraw button exposes the withdraw details box which allows you to select the amount of funds you wish to withdraw through a slider.

In order to offer instant withdrawals, SureYield maintains a 5% liquid reserve of the total deposited USDC. This enables users to withdraw their funds without having to pull funds out from the live liquidity positions and potentially having to swap tokens and lose value in order to offer the user USDC back.

In the scenario where you would try to withdraw more than 5% of the total USDC TVL, a message as in the image above mentioning "Insufficient Reserve. Choose A Lower Percentage" will be displayed. You will have to choose a lower percentage within the 5% limit and check back in a few minutes to withdraw the rest (if your total amount is bigger).

The 5% liquid reserve is being constantly refilled with funds every time the liquidity positions rebalance (~100 times a day). When a rebalance happens and the funds are all on the USDC side, the strategy contract verifies if the 5% reserve is still intact, if not, it sends funds back to the staking contract to maintain the minimum threshold for processing withdrawals.


In order to deposit into the pool you have to first approve the amount you plan to deposit then submit the deposit transaction.

You can see what your expected fees to be earned are based on the current (last 7 days average) APR. You can click on the Day/Week/Month/Year to browse through your estimated earnings for different time periods.

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