What is SureYield Insured Trading

How SureYield Insured Trading works and its unique benefits

SureYield Insured Trading is an innovative feature designed to empower users with the ability to long or short top crypto tokens with confidence. This unique product leverages advanced financial mechanisms to provide both high potential returns and robust insurance coverage, ensuring users can trade with no risk.

Key Features of Insured Trading

  1. Leverage and Profit Potential:

    • Users can trade top crypto tokens with 2x leverage, amplifying their exposure and potential returns.

    • Each trade aims for a 5% take profit price, resulting in a total profit of 10% (110% total value) when successful.

  2. Insured Trades:

    • All trades are insured by SureYield, meaning if a user’s trade does not go as planned, they receive their full trade amount back in SYD tokens.

    • Profitable trades are also rewarded in SYD tokens, with users receiving their initial investment plus profit.

  3. Zero Fees:

    • SureYield Insured Trading comes with no opening, closing, or rollover fees, making it a cost-effective option for traders.

How It Works

1. Opening a Trade:

  • To open a trade, users deposit USDC into the SureYield platform.

  • They can choose to long or short their selected crypto token with 2x leverage.

2. Managing the Trade:

  • Trades are actively managed with a 5% take profit target.

  • Users can monitor their trades through the SureYield platform’s intuitive interface, which provides real-time updates on their positions.

  • The user can choose to keep a trade open for as long as he desires and close it either when the trade is in profit, or claim his insurance if the price went against the intended direction.

3. Closing a Trade:

  • If the trade reaches the 5% take profit target, the user’s initial investment plus 10% profit (110% total value) is paid out in SYD tokens.

  • If the trade does not reach the target and results in a loss, the user’s initial investment is returned in SYD tokens, ensuring capital protection.

The Role of SYD Tokens

The SYD token is integral to the SureYield ecosystem, particularly within Insured Trading. Here’s how it works:

  • 💰 Profit and Insurance: Successful trades and insured losses are both settled in SYD tokens, maximizing user returns and providing a safety net for their investments.

  • 🔥 Deflationary Mechanics: A portion of the USDC deposited for trades is used to buy back and burn SYD tokens, reducing the circulating supply and potentially increasing the token’s value.

  • 📈 Buy Pressure: Strategic buy orders are implemented to support the token’s market demand.

  • 💧 Liquidity Enhancement: Part of every trade helps enhance liquidity pools, ensuring stability and security for the platform.

SureYield Insured Trading: A Better Way to Trade

1. Safety and Assurance:

  • The insured nature of the trades means that even in unfavorable market conditions, users have the assurance of recovering their initial investment in SYD tokens. This unique feature minimizes risk and builds confidence among traders.

2. Profit Maximization:

  • The 2x leverage and 5% take profit target enable users to significantly amplify their returns. Coupled with zero trading fees, this ensures that more of the profits remain with the users, enhancing the overall profitability of their trades.

3. Strategic Market Positioning:

  • By using a portion of the USDC deposits for buybacks and burns, as well as enhancing liquidity pools, SureYield ensures a healthy and sustainable market environment for SYD tokens. This strategic positioning benefits both traders and token holders by maintaining strong demand and reducing supply.

4. User-Friendly Experience:

  • The SureYield platform is designed with user experience in mind, offering an intuitive interface and real-time monitoring tools. This makes it easy for users to manage their trades and track performance, ensuring they can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Launch and Availability

SureYield Insured Trading will launch on the Base blockchain with plans for Multichain expansion shortly thereafter. This strategic rollout ensures optimal performance and user experience across multiple blockchain networks.

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