SureYield Architecture

SureYield Proprietary AI-Managed Protocol

Supported Chains

SureYield launched in April on the Polygon PoS chain, with cross-chain compatibility designed for seamless future deployment across major blockchains including Base, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche.

SureYield Proprietary AI-Managed Protocol

Leveraging a hybrid Web 2.5 architecture, SureYield combines the efficiency of server-side infrastructure with advanced Reinforcement Learning (RL) model to optimize decision-making on liquidity position range management. Read more on SureYield AI-Engine here!

Integration with Gelato Network ensures automated and strategic execution of smart contract instructions on Uniswap V3 concentrated pools. Read more on Gelato Network integration here!

Start Earning With Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Deposit USDC, start earning.

Step 2: Compound or withdraw earned fees.

Step 3: Withdraw your initial *deposit and profits in USDC when ready.

*While SureYield protocol aims to maximize returns and minimize Impermanent Loss (IL), IL may still occur and users may experience a fluctuating deposit value. Compounding interest helps maximize the returns and mitigate the IL.


  • Minimum staking amount: 1 USDC

  • Minimum staking duration: 24 hours.

  • Maximum withdrawal amount: 5% of the protocol total staked amount at a time.

(In order to support instant withdrawals the protocol maintains 5% of the deposited USDC as liquid reserves, not deposited into the AI managed liquidity positions. Withdrawals higher than 5% of the protocol's total deposited funds need to be split into several withdrawals over the course of a day - every time the liquidity positions are being rebalanced and the funds are on the USDC side, the protocol withdraws back USDC to replenish the liquid reserve in order to maintain a 5% level and support instant withdrawals.)

Fees: there are no other fees associated with the use of the SureYield protocol besides the transaction cost for staking/unstaking/claiming interest. The liquidity positions rebalance costs are being covered by SureYield.

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