SureYield Rewards: Your Ticket to Monthly Rewards!

At SureYield, we're excited to introduce our monthly draw—an exhilarating way to reward our users.

Be part of SureYield Rewards —an exciting way to win USDC and also boost engagement with our partner projects across multiple blockchains, including Polygon and Base! Each month, you have a chance to win a share of a prize pool fueled by 5% of all fees generated from our concentrated liquidity positions across all blockchains.

How to Boost Your Chances to Win:

  1. Claim Your Tickets: For every $10 you deposit on SureYield (on any supported blockchain), you automatically earn one ticket. The more you deposit, the more tickets you get!

  2. Refer Your Friends: Share your unique referral link and get a 5% bonus in tickets for every ticket your friends claim. The more you share, the higher your odds!

  3. Support Partner Projects: When claiming your tickets, choose a partner project to support. This boosts their visibility and gives them an extra 1% bonus in ticket value, amplifying the positive impact of your participation.

  4. Track Your Progress: Monitor your claimed tickets, available tickets, and real-time odds of winning directly on our platform. See how your actions directly influence your chances to win big!

Exciting Rewards & Transparency:

  • Monthly Winners: We announce the lucky winners on the 1st of each month. Check the countdown and get ready for the excitement!

  • Fair and Transparent: All draws are conducted with verifiable fairness, ensuring everyone gets a chance to win based on their ticket count.

Join the SureYield Rewards Program Today!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to win big while enjoying the benefits of multichain yield farming. Deposit your USDC on Polygon and Base, refer your friends, support partner projects, and watch your chances of winning soar!

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