What is SureYield Yield Farming

Yield Farming Made Easy: Supercharge Yields Across Multichain

SureYield aims at simplifying yield farming. Our multichain AI-managed protocol now allows you to effortlessly earn USDC rewards across a wider range of yield-farming pools in different chains. We go wherever the volume goes. Choose to deposit USDC in your preferred blockchain and start earning.

Simplify Your Yield Farming Experience – Anywhere, Anytime

Forget the complexities of traditional yield farming. With SureYield, you can deposit USDC on your preferred blockchain and let our proprietary AI do the rest. We automate the entire process, from selecting the best pools to managing your positions, ensuring you maximize your returns without lifting a finger.

  • Deposit USDC: Start earning passively on Polygon (and soon Base) with a simple deposit.

  • AI-Powered Optimization: Our cutting-edge AI engine intelligently allocates your liquidity across top-tier UNISWAP v3 pools for optimal yield.

  • Flexibility: Compound your earnings for exponential growth or withdraw your fees whenever you choose.

  • Complete Control: Easily withdraw your initial investment and accumulated profits in USDC whenever you're ready.

Our powerful AI-managed protocol does the heavy lifting:

Our powerful AI-managed protocol leverages advanced technology to simplify yield farming across multiple blockchains:

  1. Strategic Liquidity Placement: We intelligently allocate your liquidity to the most promising UNISWAP v3 concentrated pools across Polygon and soon, Base.

  2. Reinforcement Learning (RL) Decision-Making: Our sophisticated server-side RL model continuously learns and adapts, making optimal decisions for your positions in real-time.

  3. Automated Rebalancing: Through seamless integration with Gelato Network, your liquidity positions are automatically rebalanced for maximum efficiency and yield.

  4. Reward Program Tracking: We meticulously track your participation in our Reward program, ensuring you receive all the benefits you deserve.

Join the Multichain Yield Farming Revolution

SureYield is on a mission to make yield farming accessible, profitable, and hassle-free for everyone. Get ready to earn SUPERCHARGE yields across Multichain.

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